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Cherry County DEMOLITION DERBY promoted by


Cherry County Demo Derby ~ July 4th, 2024 6:00 pm ~ Cherry County Fairgrounds

Check In Time: 2:00 PM- 5:00 PM

-Pit Meeting: 5:30 PM

-Car/Driver Entry: $50

-Pit Pass: $25

-General Admission: Adults: $10   Kids 6-12- $5   5 & Under - Free

*Bone Stock (Duo or Single)

*Bonestock Compacts (3 Man Teams) Will Run Singles as well if we have enough!

*Power Wheels

$10,000 Total Purse

***Nebraska State Fair Point Series Derby*** DOUBLE POINTS ***



Cherry County Demolition Derby

July 4, 2024

Valentine, Nebraska


Bonestock Compact Singles Feature - 11 total

1st - Layton Sailor

2nd -Travis Grosserode

3rd - Josh Schubauer

4th -Mark Monroe

Mad Dog - Jackson Irwin


Bonestock Compact 3-Man Teams Feature - 5 Teams

1st -Team Chop Shop

2nd - Team Da2Amigos

3rd -Bad Taxi

4th -Let 'Er Buck

5th -Team WTF Demo


Bonestock Buyback Feature

Tied for 1st: Torie Welch & Ian Lehman


Bonestock Feature - 13 Total

1st- Joe Lehman

2nd - Cactus Millar

3rd - Trey Welch

4th & Mad Dog - Chris Williams 

5th - Dillon Taylor

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